Naked Dough


NAked Dough

I worked with Naked Dough, a young start-up company and the UK’s first cookie dough cafe, to help them re-envisage what their future might look like following their initial success. Together, we used Lego Serious Play (LINK TO LSP) to explore potential pathways for the company, and to develop a shared team vision, both in terms of the company and their individual roles.  

Although Lego is often thought of as a child’s toy, it can be amazing at opening up creative possibilities and discussions at any age. Using the Lego Serious Play method allowed Naked Dough’s co-founders to approach ideas about their future in new and enjoyable ways, with a focus on achievable outcomes and long-term goals.

Initially I was sceptical, however using Lego Serious Play really helped us to imagine the future of our company in bold, new ways. The workshop was excellent and has had a lasting impact on our approach. We are now working towards clear outcomes!
— Hannah, Co-Founder, Naked Dough