Camilla Gordon

Facilitator. Trainer. Change Maker.


Problems in your team? Meetings wasting people time? I can help…

I work with groups to build connections, to find better ways to communicate, and, ultimately, to establish lasting change. Using a playful and creative approach, I empower people to find their own ways forward. With wide experience across sectors, I have helped charities and NGOs, corporate businesses and youth-centred settings to reach their potential. With a focus on long-term goals and outcomes, I collaborate closely with each individual client to ensure that every session is bespoke and works towards achieving their aims.


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Camilla engaged the creative minds of both the individuals and of the team as a whole, taking us deeper into the strategic decisions that we need to make, and closer to the best possible outcome
— Jonny Willis, CEO, Refugee Youth Service


Through expert facilitation and training sessions, I can help your team establish stronger connections and work towards common goals. I use a variety of human-centred approaches to foster collaboration, awareness and collective learning. One of the tools I enjoy using is Lego® Serious Play®, a powerful yet playful and hands-on method to connect people and prioritise creative thinking and innovation.  



Communication is the cornerstone for strong teamwork, and clear communication is essential when it comes to bringing about lasting change in a group context. My workshops can help guide you to establishing clearer pathways for communication, and include helping participants to develop empathy, listening and reflecting skills. Nurturing effective communication will strengthen engagement, build stronger relationships, and save you time and resources.



In order to embed positive change there must be the freedom to re-imagine what an organisation or group culture could look like. I can help you to think creatively and be bold in your collective vision, bringing about change that will be purpose-driven and impactful.

Camilla is an excellent facilitator, always able to ensure everyone has a voice and that everyone feels comfortable in expressing an opinion. She is clearly passionate about what she does and this really comes across. This was our first introduction to LSP and we loved it. We will definitely be returning to Camilla
— Kiri O’Brien, Director, Druthers Search


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