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Druthers search

I worked with Druthers Search, a diversity recruitment company, on their mission to champion diversity and inclusion in the technology and digital industries. I helped them to engage passers-by in their stall at a high-profile Tech conference and to put diversity and inclusion on the agenda.

Using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY to draw people in, I designed and facilitated a popular, unique and eye-catching stall that offered people a hands-on way to explore the topics. The nature of the event meant that we had to engage people in targeted short bursts that delivered long-lasting impact. The use of Lego was a fun way to open up discussions and to establish positive links with Druthers Search in the minds of attendees.

We partnered with Camilla for a Tech event, where we found her approach and the engaging and unique method of LSP was hugely helpful in opening up numerous interesting conversations, around the areas of Diversity and Inclusion, which is our focus. Camilla and is an excellent facilitator, always able to ensure everyone has a voice and that everyone feels comfortable in expressing an opinion. She is clearly passionate about what she does and this really comes across. This was our first introduction to LSP and we loved it. We will definitely be returning to Camilla to partner with her for future events.
— Kiri O’Brien, Director, Druther Search