Case Studies

A strategy for 2 co-founders too look at the future of their company and where they sit within it

A strategy for 2 co-founders too look at the future of their company and where they sit within it

An engaging stand at an event for a diversity and inclusion recruitment company

A nationwide tour of Who Cares, engaging with 3000 people at youth centre venues around the country raising awareness of young carers



Camilla ran a lego serious play session at an Enrol Yourself meetup. First of all I would say that it was really good fun. But importantly the lego method added an interesting dimension to the reflective process that we went through. Instead of just discussing our reflections, we built them, and then analysed what we built. This meant we were able to access a bit more than we usually would. I would recommend Camilla, and this method for creative events, team coaching, hack days and beyond!
— Zhara Davidson, Founder, Enroll Yourself
Camilla engaged the creative minds of both the individuals and of the team as a whole, taking us deeper into the strategic decisions that we need to make, and closer to the best possible outcome
— Jonny Willis, CEO, Refugee Youth Service
Camilla is an exceptional facilitator who adapts readily to changing circumstances, creating a warm, open and positive environment for workshops. Her work with First Give has been excellent, and I have enjoyed observing her work with young people on the programme, building rapport, supporting their skills development and ensuring all students have equal opportunity to participate.

I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled and sensitive facilitator
— Isaac Jones, Head of Programmes, First Give
Camilla is an excellent facilitator, always able to ensure everyone has a voice and that everyone feels comfortable in expressing an opinion. She is clearly passionate about what she does and this really comes across. This was our first introduction to LSP and we loved it. We will definitely be returning to Camilla
— Kiri O’Brien, Director, Druthers Search


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